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The birth of Appris came as a merger of Bradford Training Association Ltd (BTAL), incorporating Keighley and District Training Association Ltd (KADTAL) and Leeds Training Trust (LTT).
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We believe in learning … Improving both individual skills and knowledge, while supporting and improving business performance.

What Appris™ Means?
Apprentice is French for learner, Appris is French for Learnt. Whether you want to improve the way your business operates, become an apprentice or take one on, Appris can help.

Aspiring Engineers of West Yorkshire - We Want You

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Whats been happening 

Here at Appris we have been accepting applicants for 2014 engineering apprenticeships since before the new year. Young people have been taking their time to complete an online application, upon completion of this application we have invited the candidates in for a pre interview. The Appris pre interviews allows the candidate to sit down with a time served engineer and complete a interview style meeting. This allows us at Appris to understand each candidate in more detail and get a clear understanding of their career aspirations.  It also allows the candidate to clear up any questions they may have about the engineering sector. Using the information from the online application and the Appris interview, we now have a holistic idea of where each young person is at. The interview process started at Appris 27th March 2014. Since then we have had a whopping 125 applicants through the door for positions across West Yorkshire. We still have  many more young people waiting to be interviewed.With candidates travelling from far and wide, we have seen some brilliant interviewees so far this year.


If you are a young person looking at engineering apprenticeships as your next step, don't panic there is still time to apply. With award winning companies and apprentices working with or receiving training from Appris, this career option could support you for the rest of your life. Apply today to take the first step towards your engineering career. 

How to apply

  1. Go to www.appris.co.uk
  2. Click the 'Become and Apprentice' tab 
  3. Complete your Appris profile, answering ALL the questionnaires
  4. Add supportive documents to your online profile 

After you have completed all the above steps, you will be invited in for your Appris interview. 

If you are applying for a specific vacancy, check out the Appris Vacany Board on our website. To apply for these positions follow the same steps as above, only inputting the vacancy reference number found on the vacancy board. Input your application today and up your chances. 


Have your say on the proposed changes to the funding system for apprenticeships

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150 Apprenticeships in 100 Days Campaign

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Learn about how the Appris team are supporting Bradford Apprenticeship Hub to kick start 150 apprenticeship placements in 100 days.

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